Nicobrevin - Is it right for me?

How does Nicobrevin work? Is Nicobrevin right for me? Does Nicobrevin have any side effects? How much Nicobrevin should I use? Is Nicobrevin cheaper than smoking? Order Nicobrevin now! How does Nicobrevin work? Nicobrevin contains no nicotine so it is neither addictive nor habit forming. Most people experience nicotine cravings once they stop smoking. Possible symptoms of nicotine withdrawal include anxiety, nausea, dizziness, restlessness, headaches, lethargy, or mild depression. It is these symptoms, combined with the craving for nicotine, which makes giving up smoking so difficult. If you are experiencing these unpleasant symptoms, as people often do when they try to give up 'cold turkey', you will probably end up asking yourself at some point "is it worth it?" The answer is "yes!" Nicobrevin can reduce the stress and frustration of trying to quit smoking. Nicobrevin contains four active ingredients that work together to help smokers overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms and beat the smoking habit. These are: * Menthyl Valerate 100mg - This is a mild sedative that helps relieve the anxiety and irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal. If you have even been around a smoker who, for whatever reason, has been temporarily prevented from smoking, you will be familiar with these. * Quinine BCP 1963 15mg - This is an alpha-adrenergic blocker that helps to alleviate the craving for cigarettes. This is most important during the early stages of your efforts to quit smoking. It is also a mild form of appetite suppressant which can be helpful because, as you probably already know, there is a real tendency to put on weight once you stop smoking. If you have heard of quinine before this is because it was famous as a treatment for malaria and as a flavouring, providing the bitter tonic taste in tonic water. * Camphor 10mg - This helps to clear the bronchial passages and improve breathing. As the bronchial passages attempt to overcome the abuses of smoking, an increase in mucus occurs as any remaining debris is shifted. The production of mucus has been stymied by smoking, often accompanied by the existence of a dry smoker's cough, and now the system is returning to a healthier state. Camphor also works to soothe the gastric and the respiratory systems. Oil of Eucalyptus 10mg - This works as an expectorant, causing coughing which clears the bronchial passages of the mucus that is carrying the recently freed debris. It also improves breathing. * As well as working individually, the Free Menthol in Menthyl Valerate, combined with the Oil of Eucalyptus and the Camphor, all have a carminative effect that helps restore and relieve both the gastric and the respiratory system. Is Nicobrevin right for me? Nicobrevin is a sensible choice for those who are unable to use NRT. As well as being addictive, nicotine is also a vasconstrictor. This means that it constricts the blood vessels which, in turn, raises blood pressure and restricts circulatory flow. Nicotine also acts as a blood coagulant that can increase the chances of developing a blood clot. This is why people who suffer from hypertension, have a circulatory system disorder, angina, diabetes, or have had a recent heart attack or stroke are unable to use NRT but can safely use Nicobrevin. Nicobrevin does contain peanut oil (arachis) so it should not be taken if you are allergic to this or any of its other ingredients. Does Nicobrevin have any side effects? Because it is nicotine-free, Nicobrevin has few side effects. Although there are no known interactions with other medicines, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before you undertake a course of Nicobrevin. It is not recommended that you use Nicobrevin during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Occasionally people experience nausea, headaches or dizziness but these can usually be ascribed to the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal rather than any particular interaction with Nicobrevin. If such symptoms persist then you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. You should not exceed the stated dose. Obviously, you should not smoke while taking Nicobrevin. This is not because it will cause any side effects but because doing so defeats the whole purpose of taking Nicobrevin in the first place. Do not use Nicobrevin if you are allergic to any of the ingredients that it contains. Each capsule contains: Menthyl Valerate 100mg, Quinine Anhydrous 15mg, Camphor Ph. Eur. 10mg, Oil of Eucalyptus Ph. Eur. 10mg, Oleic Acid, Arachis Oil (peanut oil), Gelatin, Glycerin and Preservatives (E215, E217). How much Nicobrevin should I use? The standard course of Nicobrevin lasts 28 days. The recommended daily dosage is designed to give you the support you need during the initial stages of your efforts to stop smoking. Each small capsule is odourless and tasteless. The capsule should be swallowed whole with some water or fruit juice. Because there is no nicotine in the capsules you can take them with the acidic beverages that NRT programmes tell you to steer clear of because they will adversely affect nicotine absorption. Also, the capsules are not meant to be chewed so there are no chewing techniques to worry about with this remedy. You stop smoking immediately after taking the first two capsules before retiring to bed on the first evening of the course. From then on the following schedule should be adhered to. * Week 1: One capsule is taken in the morning on an empty stomach and two capsules are taken in the evening before retiring to bed. * Week 2: One capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and one capsule in the evening before retiring to bed. * Week 3: One capsule in the evening before retiring to bed. * Week 4: One capsule in the evening before retiring to bed. This completes the recommended 4 week course. Is Nicobrevin cheaper than smoking? The standard 28-day pack probably costs less than you would spend on cigarettes during this period, but that really depends on how much you used to smoke a day. The real benefit is that, should you be successful in stopping smoking, you will never have to spend money on cigarettes ever again. Now that is a true saving, with the added benefit that you will be healthier as well. Nicobrevin generally works out cheaper than NRT programmes using gum or patches because the entire course takes only 28 days.

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