Nicotrol Gum - Is it right for me?

How does Nicotrol Gum Work? Is Nicotrol Gum right for me? Does Nicotrol Gum have any side effects? Which Nicotrol Gum product should I use? How much Nicotrol gum should I use? Order Nicotrol Gum now! How does Nicotrol Gum Work? Nicotrol gum is also known as nicotine polacrilex. When you chew the gum, the nicotine contained inside it is released. You will probably be able to detect the intensification in the flavour of the gum or sense a slight tingling sensation when this occurs. This nicotine is then absorbed through the lining of the mouth and into the bloodstream. The actual gum and the saliva that contains the nicotine are not supposed to be swallowed. This can result in nausea or gastrointestinal discomfort. Instead, the gum is designed to be periodically chewed and then placed between the gums and the membranes on the inside of the mouth. It is placed there until it needs to be chewed once more in order to release more nicotine. Storing the gum between the gums and the inside of the mouth in this fashion is known as 'parking' the gum. Because you do not constantly chew the gum, each piece can be made to last for about half an hour. If, however, you do just keep chewing the gum without 'parking' it, you may find that the taste is too strong for you. Some people give up on the gum for this reason when it is really their incorrect chewing technique that is at fault. The gum works best if you can avoid taking certain types of food and drink that may hinder the transfer of nicotine through the inside of the mouth. This means refraining from using coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice or other acidic beverages just prior to taking a piece of Nicotrol Gum. Wait about fifteen minutes before you use the gum if you have been drinking one of these, or alternatively, rinse your mouth out with water before you take a piece of gum. Do not eat or drink while you are chewing the gum because you may accidentally swallow the gum or some the nicotine released into the saliva. Is Nicotrol Gum right for me? Nicotrol Gum is only intended for use by people over 18 years of age. People who have never smoked should not use it. Women who are pregnant or are intending to become pregnant should not use Nicotrol Gum. Nicotine can be harmful to unborn children and the nicotine may be passed through the bloodstream to the foetus. A mother should not use the gum while breast-feeding for the similar reason that the nicotine may be passed to a child through the breast milk. Nicotrol Gum should not be taken by those who have recently suffered a stroke or a heart attack because nicotine can increase the heart-rate. This also makes it unsuitable for those with heart disease, uncontrolled angina, or heart palpitations. Nicotrol Gum is not suitable for people with hypertension not controlled by medication because of nicotine's propensity to increase blood pressure. Nicotrol Gum should be kept out of the reach of children and animals at all times because it contains nicotine. If you are taking prescription medication for a medical condition you may need to have a doctor adjust the dosage you are taking. This is because once you stop smoking, the rate at which some medications are absorbed may be altered. You should see your doctor if you are unsure whether this adjustment is applicable to a medication that you are taking. In a specific case a doctor may decide that the risks of continued smoking far outweigh the potential risks of using Nicotrol Gum for those in the categories outlined above. Only a registered medical practitioner can decide whether the use of Nicotrol Gum is appropriate in such instances. Do not take more than 24 pieces of gum per day. It is recommended that you do not smoke while using Nicotrol Gum because of the possible risk of nicotine overdose. While this condition is rare, especially when you consider that the smoker's body has become accustomed to receiving nicotine, it does represent a health hazard. The symptoms of nicotine overdose include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, an irregular pulse, and, at its most severe, unconsciousness. Nicotrol gum is discrete to used and will not attract attention the way that using an inhaler might. It is a form of NRT that you can take whenever you need it, in any social situation. Some people find that, because the gum gives them something to chew on, they are less likely to eat more once they stop smoking. An increase in weight is a common side effect from quitting smoking partly because people snack on food in an effort to fill the void created by no longer having a cigarette in their mouth. Does Nicotrol Gum have any side effects? Most possible side effects from using Nicotrol Gum will occur at the start of treatment. Some people find that they get a slight ache in the jaw, especially if they are not accustomed to chewing gum. During the first weeks of use, mild ulceration of the mouth or throat may occur, or rashes may develop on the surface of the skin. While these conditions should only be temporary, if you become concerned about them you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Some conditions that appear to be side effects of using the gum may actually be the result of nicotine withdrawal, often because not enough gum is being taken to counteract these symptoms. Examples of these include headaches, dizziness or lethargy. Other apparent side effects may be linked to not following the prescribed chewing technique. Which Nicotrol Gum product should I use? The Extra Strength Nicotrol Gum contains 4mg (milligrams) of nicotine and is recommended for heavy smokers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day, you should probably start by using the 2mg Nicotrol Gum. These are the recommended guidelines but if you find that the Regular strength gum is not strong enough to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal then you could switch to the 4mg Extra Strength gum. Choose whichever of the two flavours available, Classic or Mint, appeals to you. Both flavours may take a little bit of adjusting to initially but you will quickly get used to the taste. Taking a piece of Nicotrol Gum will help to provide relief from nicotine cravings. The advantage of using Nicotrol Gum is that you can easily control the amount of gum required to satisfy your nicotine cravings and alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. How much Nicotrol gum should I use? The best way to use Nicotrol gum to stop smoking is to take the gum as part of a concerted effort to quit. The standard duration for such a programme is about 12 weeks. As long as you do not take more than the recommended maximum dosage of gum a day, which is 24 pieces of gum, you have a great degree of flexibility in how you use the gum. Ideally, you want to be taking enough gum to prevent nicotine withdrawal from tempting you back into the smoking habit. For some people, especially heavy smokers, this means taking the gum at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure that they maintain certain levels of nicotine in the bloodstream. For others, they will only take the gum to deal with the craving for cigarettes that they feel during particular times of the day. Using the recommended 12-week treatment programme as an example, you would gradually reduce the amount of gum that you would take each day. During the first 6 weeks of taking Nicotrol Gum, you would look to take a piece of gum whenever you felt the urge to smoke. This might roughly translate into one piece of gum every one to two hours. During weeks 7 to 9 you would have look to have reduced this to one piece of gum every two to four hours. By weeks 10 to 12 you would have aimed to reduce the amount of gum you use to one piece every four to eight hours. At this point, at the end of 12 weeks, you would look to increase the length of time between taking a piece of gum until, eventually, you no longer need to take the gum at all. You control the speed that treatment progresses because you are in control of how much gum you administer. Everyone is made differently. It may take less time than this stop using the gum or it may take longer. The important thing is that you are no longer smoking and the gum is much easier to stop using than cigarettes were.

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