Plus White Complete Whitening System - Is it right for me?

How do I use Plus White? Is Plus White right for me? Order Plus White now! How do I use Plus White? You mix one teaspoon of the concentrated Pre-Whitener Rinse with three teaspoons of lukewarm water. Swish this mixture around the mouth for 2 to 3 seconds and then rinse it out. You are now ready to apply the whitener. Squeeze a line of Plus White Peroxide Whitener Gel into the soft foam tray until you have filled it from end to end in order to treat both front and back teeth. If you are treating both the top and the bottom teeth then turn the tray over and fill the other side in the same way. Carefully insert the tray into the mouth. Position it over the teeth and bite down very gently on the foam tray. Only a very small amount of pressure is required in order to achieve the best results. Hydrogen Peroxide, the active whitening agent in Pure White Peroxide Whitener Gel, uses an oxygenating action. Wipe off any excess gel. For regular whitening, remove the foam tray from your mouth after 5 minutes. If you have badly stained or yellow teeth, you should leave the tray in for an additional 5 to 10 minutes to give the gel's oxygenating action more time to work. Remove the tray from the mouth and rinse away any excess gel from the mouth using lukewarm water. Rinse several times until all the remaining gel has been washed from the mouth and gum area. Wash the foam tray in lukewarm water, rinsing away any gel the remains. Squeeze the foam tray until it is dry and store it away. You should notice a difference in your teeth within the first few days of treatment. For the best results you should initially use Plus+White twice daily. If applicable, after the second week you can taper use off to only one or two treatments a week. Is Plus White right for me? Plus White Peroxide Teeth Whitener Gel should not be used by children under the age of twelve without the approval of their dentist. The Whitener Gel is not recommended by people who suffer from gum disease, gingivitis or severe receding gums. You should not use the Whitener Gel if you wear orthodontic/dental braces or are allergic to any of the gel's ingredients. Plus White will not damage any dental work that you have had done. It will not, however, whiten artificial teeth or any dental work. You may find any artificial teeth or veneers actually become more noticeable once your natural teeth are whitened. The Plus White system can potentially increase some people's sensitivity to hot or cold. Such sensitivity is temporary and should soon disappear. Reducing the amount of gel used may reduce this sensitivity and avoiding citrus or carbonated drinks may also help. If you do experience prolonged irritation or discomfort then you should consult your dentist. The Plus White Pre-Whitener Rinse comes in a 118ml/ 4 fl oz bottle and contain the following ingredients: water, glycerin, polysorbate-80, sodium benzoate, flavour, sodium saccharin, citric acid, methyl, salicylate and FD&C Blue #1. The Plus White Pre-Whitener Rinse should not be used undiluted. The Plus White Peroxide Teeth Whitener Gel comes in a 85g/3 oz tube and contains: water, poloxamer 407, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, methyl salicylate, sodium phosphate, sodium saccharin, FD&C blue #1 and trisodium phosphate.

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