I Want to Stop Smoking

The fact that you have ended up at this site means that you have probably already considered giving up smoking. You may even have already tried and failed to quit smoking. We can help strengthen your resolve and guide you through that first all-important step towards your goal to permanently quit smoking. If you yourself do not smoke then you may be a concerned spouse, loved-one, friend or relative. We can help you to understand the nature of smoking and passive smoking and why it is so difficult for those you care about to break their addiction to nicotine and finally quit smoking. Not only can we tell you about the various products available to help you quit smoking but they can all be purchased directly from this site. Giving up nicotine is not easy. Smokers have a physiological addiction to nicotine and their behaviour has been conditioned to follow a routine that reinforces the habit. Most smokers know that smoking is bad for them, even potentially lethal, yet they continue to smoke. Before you can begin to quit smoking you need the will power and conviction to say that you don't want to smoke anymore. A few people can quit smoking using will power alone, the 'cold turkey' method, however they are generally the exception rather than the rule. If you are a heavy smoker then it stands to reason that you are going to find it harder to quit smoking than someone who only smokes a few cigarettes a day. You are going to need help. If you are still not sure whether you are ready to 'kick the habit' then we can provide you with some compelling reasons why you should quit smoking. This website offers products that have proven to be effective, are safe, and can help you quit smoking once and for all. There are Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products, including gums, patches and inhalers. These have been estimated to approximately double your chances to quit smoking. There are also treatments that are nicotine-free. One example of this is Nicobrevin, a popular treatment that contains no nicotine and so can be used by those unable to use NRT. Nico-Free tablets and Herbal Nicotine Buster patches are two other nicotine-free quit smoking remedies available from us. We also have a range of other support products designed to help your body once you have quit smoking. There are dietary supplements, weight control products, teeth whitening products, antioxidants, throat remedies and more. All of these products are available from StopSmokingToday.com, and are here to help ease you out of the smoking habit for good. Remember that you are an individual. Just because someone else has had success with a particular treatment does not necessarily mean that you will too. Some treatments may be better suited to your lifestyle or you may simply find them more convenient than others. We have endeavoured to provide all the information you will need to decide which product best suits you. For more help use the Smoking Information section of our help menu or contact us directly if you have any questions or queries.