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Although you do not require an account to place an order with StopSmokingToday.com there are added advantages in doing so. Please take the time to read about our user accounts. If you already hold an account with us, please use the boxes at the top right of the page to log in. Why create an account? In order to ensure that your visit to our site is an efficient and user-friendly experience, we offer you the opportunity to create a User Account. Creating a User Account means that both your billing and shipping details are automatically used in any order you place with us. This saves you the time and hassle of having to repeatedly fill in this information each time you order. Your preferred currency will also be remembered, and prices will be displayed in that currency. Your account and account information is based entirely on our secured SSL server using a 128-bit encryption certificate (to check the certificte click on the "Thawte secure site" graphic located on the bottom left of this page). We take your security very seriously, and by using this method we can guarantee your information is safe, and offer you peace of mind. Once you are logged on you will be presented with a list of options. One of these being the "View My Orders" section which gives you access to a complete list of all the orders that you have placed with StopSmokingToday.com. Up-to-date information regarding the processing of each order as it is charged and shipped is also shown here. The My Account section of your account you will allow you to update your billing and shipping information. You will also have access to 'Permanent Cart' and 'Permanent Logon' features which are designed to make ordering even easier. The Permanent Cart feature will automatically load the contents of your previous order into your shopping cart when you log onto StopSmokingToday.com. Please note, however, that it will only do this if it can find a previous valid order and if the products contained in that order are still valid. Any previous items that are no longer valid will be removed from your cart. Logging onto the website at the start of your visit will help to avoid any possible confusion with this feature. The Permanent Logon feature means that you will automatically remain logged onto our site, allowing you to return at any time without having to log in again. If you are a regular customer at StopSmokingToday.com then the combination of these two 'Permanent' features will make ordering a highly streamlined process. Please note that both of these features use 'cookies' so you need to ensure that your browser settings has 'cookies' enabled in order for these to function. In the future, new features to your account will include a bulletin board, an order query system, discounts for frequent customers, and the opportunity to receive our monthly newsletter. Should you have any further questions regarding the use of StopSmokingToday.com's User Account system then please e-mail us at: info@stopsmokingtoday.com or use the links below.
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