Plus White Tooth Care System

Unfortunately the Plus White Tooth Care System is no longer available.

Plus White is a complete whitening system for revitalizing and whitening teeth. It removes the stains that are commonly found on the teeth of smokers and bleaches your teeth so that you have a dazzling white smile. This dentist-tested system will whiten both your top and the bottom teeth at the same time to give you a faster, more complete, whitening treatment. It includes a Pre-Whitener Rinse that helps to remove film and loosen stains before you begin whitening. This allows the whitener gel to remove the remaining stains more effectively. The Whitening Gel is applied using the patented soft foam mouth tray that conforms to the shape of your mouth, making sure that all your teeth get a consistent whitening treatment. Because the tray is made out of soft foam, it prevents any irritation to the teeth and gum that can occur with harder trays.

Plus+White Complete Whitening System is easy-to-use and gets your teeth whiter and brighter than ever before. Each pack includes peroxide whitener gel, a re-whitener rinse, and a soft foam mouth tray. The gel generates an oxygenation action similar to that used by dentists to gently but thoroughly lift away stains. If you have discoloured teeth caused by years of smoking then the Plus+White system gives you a chance to restore your teeth and make them whiter than ever before.


Use twice daily for the first two weeks and then as required.

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Plus+White is registered trademark of CCA Industries, Inc., E. Rutherford, NJ 07073 USA.

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