Nutra Life Thermo Trim Max


Nutra Life Thermo-Trim Max is an advanced multi-action thermogenic fat burning formula. It can help smokers fight the tendency to put on weight once they quit smoking. This weight gain is actually the result of your metabolism slowing down and of food being digested more efficiently. Nicotine speeds up your metabolism, producing more thermogenesis, and this burns up calories when you smoke. Associated with this is the fact that food tastes better once you quit smoking because you can actually taste it. Sometimes people just eat because food replaces the oral gratification that they used to get from smoking.

Nutra Life Thermo-Trim Max is a dietary supplement that combines specific ingredients for controlling fat metabolism by increasing the thermic effect of food in the body and converting energy to heat. The body produces an increased amount of heat when food is digested. Some of this energy is consumed in order to maintain body temperature. Physical activity can increase the thermic effect and burns off more energy, leaving less to be stored as fat. Thermo-Trim uses a high potency formula to increase thermogenesis and raising the metabolic rate. This increases the amount of fat burned by the body's metabolism and reduces the body's fat absorption. Thermo-Trim is most effective in assisting weight control when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Nutra Life Thermo-Trim Max is available in a pack of 50 tablets.


Take 1 to 2 tablets of Nutra Life Thermo-Trim Max daily with food and a full glass of water.

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Nutra Life Thermo-Trim Max is distributed in New Zealand by Nutra-Life Health and Fitness (NZ) Ltd, Auckland, NZ.

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