What is the Right Form of NRT for Me?

It depends on what your smoking and behavioural patterns are. Individual preference as to which NRT is the best may vary. Clinical evidence has demonstrated that they all have about the same effectiveness. A nicotine patch may be the best choice for individuals who smoke at regular intervals throughout the day, say one cigarette every hour, doesn't want to chew gum and prefers the convenience of the patch. NRT gum may be a better choice for someone who smokes at irregular intervals, say they would tend to smoke more in the evenings, who would prefer to have something to occupy their mouth and wants to be able to relieve nicotine cravings as they occur throughout the day. Some may prefer the flexibility of an NRT inhaler that allows them to mimic the act of smoking while others may consider this method too conspicuous. Check out the information on this website. This should help you make an informed decision.