Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), the Facts

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NRT Patches

What is the Chemical Name for Nicotine?

What Damage Can Nicotine Do to My Foetus if I Use NRT?

Does NRT Have Any Advantages Compared to Bupropion (Zyban) ?

Is there Really Such a Thing as an Overdose of Nicotine?

Which Form of NRT Gets Nicotine Into the Bloodstream the Quickest?

I Have Heard People Say that Patches are the Easiest Form of NRT to Use, is this True?

Which Form of NRT is the Most Flexible to Use?

Do I Need Additional Support While Using NRT?

Won't a 24-Hour Patch be More Effective than a 16-Hour One?

Can I Smoke While Using NRTs?

Is it Possible to Use a Combination of NRTs?

What is the Right Form of NRT for Me?

If I am Addicted to Nicotine Won't it be Just as Difficult to Stop Using NRT as it is to Stop Smoking?

Why is Nicotine So Addictive?

I Have Developed a Slight Skin Irritation Using an NRT Patch

I Have Started NRT and I Am Having Trouble Sleeping

I Only Smoked Low Tar Cigarettes, Does This Affect the NRT Guidelines?

What Happens If I Use NRT for an Extended Period of Time?

How Does NRT Help Me Give Up Smoking?