I Have Heard People Say that Patches are the Easiest Form of NRT to Use, is this True?

NRT patches allow for you to make a complete break with the habit associated with smoking. You only have to remember to apply or remove the patch so they are low maintenance in this regard. With the gum and the inhaler you are still responding to specific nicotine cravings by either chewing the gum or puffing on the inhaler. Patches eliminate the toxins involved in smoking and also remove the practice of providing the body with nicotine whenever it craves a cigarette. The NRT patch involves no behavioural component in its use. It has been observed that more users seem to stick with the patches rather than the gum. This is probably due to the ease of using the patches and the fact that some people who use the gum struggle to get used to its 'peppery' taste, while others consider the inhaler a little too conspicuous.