What is the Ticket Support System ?

This interface is designed to make communication between ourselves and the customer faster, and more reliable. It can be used for everything: from general queries, to questions on specific orders. Some of the benefits are: * Increased speed of communication. While email is normally very fast, sometimes network problems can slow things down. The ticket system avoids this as it connects directly to our server. * Increased privacy and reliabilty. Any communication is strictly from your machine to ours. Email needs to jump from server to server to reach its destination: this interface avoids that completely. * Ease of use. Once you have a ticket in the system, you will be able to view replies, and reply yourself, from any web browser, anywhere. * Continuity. All responses from both parties will be listed in chronological order when you view the ticket. * Security. The ticket system is a totally secured way of querying us, based on our SSL server and using a 128-bit encryption certificate. Your security is guaranteed.