Ticket Support System

What is the Ticket Support System ?

Creating a new ticket

Viewing an existing ticket

How do I get to the 'Ticket Support' page?

How do I create a new ticket if I do not have a User Account with StopSmokingToday.com?

How do I check the status of my ticket if I do not have a User Account?

How do I create a new ticket if I already have a User Account?

How do I check my tickets through my User Account?

How much information do I have to provide in the 'Description' box?

What does the term 'unresolved' mean in relation to my ticket?

I created a new ticket but have since opened a User Account. Is there any way that I can have an existing ticket associated with my User Account?

I initially chose not to receive any e-mails informing me when my ticket is updated but now I want to change this. How do I do this?

I have just created a ticket but have not yet received a reply?

Is my ticket information secure?

I am having trouble logging on the 'Logon to view ticket' page. I keep getting an error message. Why is this?

My ticket has been marked as 'Resolved' but there is something else that I need to discuss regarding this ticket. What do I do?

My ticket no longer has an 'Add a comment' box available. Why is this?

Help! I have tried and tried but I cannot seem to get the ticket support system to work. Is there another way that I can contact you?