How do I check the status of my ticket if I do not have a User Account?

To get to the ticket support system, click on the 'Contact Us' link found on the menu bar below the header. This will take you to the 'Contact Us' page. Under the heading introducing the ticket system you will find a 'read here' link that you can click on to find out all about the benefits of our ticket support system. You will be taken to a page headed 'Ticket Support'. On the 'Ticket Support' page you will find the heading 'To view a ticket, please choose from one of the following options:' and under this you will find the statement that 'I am not an existing user'. Click on the 'click here' link below this statement. You will be taken the 'Logon to view ticket' page. Enter the e-mail address that you used when you created the ticket and the ticket number that you were given on the confirmation page and click the 'View Ticket Information' button to view your ticket. When typing in the number, remember not include the '#' before the number or you will get an error message. You will now be viewing the 'View ticket' page, which lists all the relevant information relating to that ticket. This includes the ticket number, an order number (if applicable), the subject matter, the ticket status, and all comments relating to this ticket up until now. All comments are listed with details about the time and the date they were made and include a record of who placed them. You can submit additional comments at any time by typing them in the 'Add a comment' box and clicking on the 'Update Ticket' button. This will automatically update the ticket to include your new comments. The next time you visit this page, any new reply to your comments will automatically be displayed on this page. This makes the ticket system intuitive and very easy to use. If you elected to receive e-mails about updates to your tickets but no longer want to receive these, you can deselect that option from this page by clicking on the small box next to 'Email notification' so that the tick disappears. Alternatively, if you initially chose not to receive the e-mails, you can turn this option on from this page by clicking on the box until the tick appears.